Essay about Aesome Ball Girl and Perception

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Kelly Howard
Prof McKinley
Com 2206-320
30 May 2013

“Awesome Ball Girl” and Perception

In the short video of “Awesome Ball Girl”, there is a young ball girl working in the field that makes such a great catch, most professionals would not have been able to make. At the start of the video you would think that you are about to see a home run after a great hit, but my eyes were drawn elsewhere; just like the crowd and two teams. This shows the first stage in the perception process: selection. Selection occurs when one or more of your senses are stimulated, where your mind and body help you choose what stimuli to attend to (Floyd 109). Of my five senses, this video affected my vision and my hearing since I was watching a screen; more
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Perceptual schemas help us organize sensory information in some meaningful way so that we can move forward with the process of perception. There are four types of schema that help to classify the information we notice about people: physical constructs, role constructs, interaction constructs and psychological constructs. (Floyd 110)
Physical constructs emphasize appearances and objective characteristics (height, age, ethnicity, body shape) as well as subjective characteristics (attractiveness). Role constructs emphasize social or professional position (teacher, accountant, father, community leader). Interaction constructs emphasize behavior (outgoing, shy, aggressive, sarcastic, considerate). Psychological constructs emphasize thoughts and feelings (angry, insecure, jealous, worried). (Floyd 110) Looking back on watching this video, I feel like I could apply all of these constructs to the young ball girl. She was a younger white female; her appearance was average height for a woman, not tall and not short with an athletic build – which is known to be attractive. The announcer for the game calls her the ball girl as well as the title of the video which gave the role construct. The interaction I could see was that she was a “go-getter” and that she was not shy about going after the ball that the professional player missed. After the catch, she was walking

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