Aesthetic Components Of A Healing Hospital

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A healing hospital is a hospital that allows patients to have a more comfortable experience and recovery. They often have artistic and aesthetic components that contribute to provide the best care for the patient because they promote healing and calmness. Doctors, nurses, and others who work in healing hospitals are often influenced by the philosophy behind the hospital. This is because it is a unique way of caregiving (Day, 2016). There are many components that make up a healing hospital as well as challenges to create the healing environment.
A Healing Hospital Two of the aspects that make up all environments are the seen and unseen components (“Lecture 3”, 2016). These are especially relevant in healing hospitals because the things patients see, hear, and feel can affect the healing process and their experience at the hospital. The artistic and aesthetic components that make up healing hospitals would include sun-filled rooms, peaceful spaces, calming interiors, gardens, artwork, new technology, and more (Day, 2016). Sun-filled rooms are key to healing (Day, 2016). It is when a room has big windows that allow the sunlight to shine in and provide a view for the patients. This can be very important part for some patient’s spirituality because it allows light to come in. Light can often been seen as God’s presence which brings comfort. Peaceful spaces offer a quiet place for patients and visitors to go when they need to sleep, relax and/or get away. This can be a time for
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