Aesthetic Judgement And Aesthetic Judgment

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Anyone who is familiar with the science of evolution in human beings and its philosophical context in history and modern society can appropriately associate that idea with variety amongst individuals. Undeniably, there is a persistent growth in the variety of people who identify in a myriad of groups. Interestingly enough, if anyone were to take a step back and observe the variety of individuals around them, he or she would participate in abstract notion of aesthetic judgment—or an analysis of what the individual deems to be beautiful based off of differing factors, though initially based off of physical attributes. On a psychological level, this aesthetic viewpoint is a reflection of the relative perspective of people and circumstances in which they consider what is “attractive” or “repulsive”, and apply how it is universally understood-- beauty attracts while ugliness repels. Aesthetic judgment can be utilized as a mechanism to enhance survival and reproduction within a species. Thus, this overall notion of aesthetic judgment can be associated to the emerging theory of evolution and everything it encompasses. With this groundbreaking discovery, a variety of historically great modern thinkers (philosophers) managed to incorporate this scientific theory into their understanding of the world around them. Ultimately, while their perspectives may vary, these philosophers fundamentally acknowledge that this evolutionary change is ever-present and influentially active in
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