Aestheticism In The Decay Of Lying By Oscar Wilde

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The literary landscape is a fertile ground for the discussion of many topics, be it taboos or ordinary subjects, that are seen worthy of representation, drama as a literary genre is no exception. Being a controversial character known for his strange if not deviant style of life, Oscar Wilde offers the English literary legacy a bunch of dramatic works that are still read and subjected to scrutiny till the present time. His drama holds the seeds of harsh criticism to a certain portion of the society, namely the upper-class of Britain. These targets are selectively chosen to highlight the codes that govern the social conducts within the aristocrats of the British Society. It is easily detected from the title of the three plays that Wilde devotes…show more content…
Mrs. Erlynne, an extremely controversial character who is depicted as being a deviant woman, deviant here stands for the fact that she does not hold the same characteristics of the Victorian virtuous female; she does not represent the chase wife since she abandons both her husband and daughter for the sake of her lover., she is rather the model of the “fallen woman” ( Bose 86). Regardless of her past, Wilde related the character of Mrs. Erlynne with the most chase figure in the world generally and the British society particularly; the mother, her strong devotion to help her daughter serves as an illustration of how a “despised, mocked, abandoned, sneered at, […] an outcast” (Wilde. 42) female can sacrifice her reputation to save her daughter’s. Other women in the play are depicted to be the sheer representatives of the Victorian model, Lady Windermere is the example of the obeying wife whose concern is create the perfect atmosphere for her husband and child and to sacrifice for their sake “even if he had a thousand love you must stay with your child” (ibid. 43), in this respect, one can lucidly highlight the
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