Aetna Healthy World Innovation

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Chronic disease rates are climbing and are at an all-time high throughout underprivileged communities. Aetna believes technology has the ability to serve as a potent equalizer to help reach people in these situations in order to improve healthcare.
Aetna’s first computer was an IBM 650, trusted with storing and processing tons of data. It proved to be the company’s most significant technological implementation, as computers became an extremely useful piece of technology for the healthcare industry. Since this initial purchase in 1954, we have expanded our commitment to digital health technology and mobile health solutions, most recently through the Healthier World Innovation Challenge. The Healthier World Innovation is essentially a mission that aims at creating solutions that will grant the underprivileged the ability to control their health, through the use of already existing technology. The program was launched earlier this year and is backed by a $4.5 million, three-year initiative. It engages nonprofit partners in the quest to optimize technological innovations that can improve health
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Statistics have shown that only 13 percent of doctors and 7.6 percent of hospitals have adopted extensive electronic record systems. Even more perplexing, the adoption rate is even lower for comprehensive systems such as clinical decision support, with rates around 4 percent for doctors and 1.5 percent for hospitals. Enhancing data exchange through a more secure network and improving patient care with the use of clinical decision support tools must become priority.
The innovation process is a central focus at Aetna as the firm is constantly looking for new ways to accelerate that will allow customers to be reached directly at their homes and workplaces. Aetna will continue to partner with institutions to help uncover long-term solutions to empower people and make positive changes in their daily
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