Affect of Technology on The Parks and Recreation System Essay examples

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The creation of the computer and the Internet has significantly furthered and revolutionized Parks and Recreation Districts across the country. Parks and Recreation Management is a profession that has been able to prosper with the Internet and personal computers today. Recreation in the present day is becoming especially popular due to a general decrease in working hours because of the economy. With many people having more free time, more demands are put on the Parks and Recreation districts. Also with the many national, state, and private parks in the United States, it is crucial for the park systems to have a systematic approach to dealing with these new demands. The computer and Internet has become the answer to this problem. The…show more content…
The website for the national and state park systems helps to enlighten the public on the subject of impending changes in policy and regulations, as well as new developments in different parks. Due to this, the parks and recreation districts judge that individuals and families will be more agreeable to the idea of traveling to parks in different states because of the easy accessibility of directions and information about the parks. Owing to the latest rise in interest of campgrounds and recreation areas, there has been an increase in funds. This new revenue has made possible the purchase of more parkland throughout the United States. Without prevailing use of the Internet, this most likely would not have been possible. The East Bay Park District has been able to purchase 1,476 of land. This is the single largest acquisition that the Park has made in over twenty years. The York Center Park District been able to purchase and protect a 20-acre area in the last five years. This is the largest area they manage. With the acquisition of supplementary parkland, it is more likely that this land will continue in its natural condition and not be converted into an urbanized region. Seeking out employment is also more easily accomplished with the use of the Internet. With a click of a mouse and a small number of words an individual is capable of applying for any park position in the Untied States. In the event that
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