Affect of Vampires on Society

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Brittany Nobrega ENG 201 11/19/12 Essay #3 The Vampire Diaries is a CW television series that revolves around a love triangle between two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, and the main character, Elena. The show takes place in Mystic Falls, a small town with many secrets including witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and hybrids. It is a constant struggle for Elena to keep her family and friends alive with all of the violence vampires and werewolves bring to the town; along with the struggle to protect her family and friends Elena struggles to choose which Salvatore brother she wants to be with. The trending vampire craze is a big part of America’s culture today. From television to books to movies the once evil vampire is…show more content…
The article discusses the different depictions of the vampire phenomena and the model of the vampire as a Gothic romance hero who is not evil. The article is examining the idea that a vampire is no longer a villain, but it is a hero. This source is beneficial to my research because it addresses the vampire as a romantic character which women desire and it goes back to my argument that the vampire is the new Prince Charming. Mutch, Deborah. "Coming Out Of The Coffin: The Vampire And Transnationalism In The Twilight And Sookie Stackhouse Series." Critical Survey 23.2 (2011): 75-90. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. This article says that the modern vampire genre reflects current issues in society post 9/11. It explains how the vampire genre relates to the renegotiations of national identity in this era. This source is beneficial to my research because my argument is that the vampire is the new Prince Charming and I think that the reasoning for women’s desire of vampires could have something to do with current issues in society, and this article is examining how the vampire craze relates to issues in society. Beck, Bernard. "Fearless Vampire Kissers: Bloodsuckers We Love In Twilight, True Blood And Others." Multicultural Perspectives 13.2 (2011): 90-92. Academic Search Complete. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. This article looks into the transformation of
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