Affect of Violent Video Games on Children Essays

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Introduction In recent decades, attention has been placed on the influence of violent videogames on the aggressive behaviour of individuals. While some scholars believe that videogames increase aggression amongst children in particular, others claim evidence on the catharsis hypothesis where videogames are argued to be a safe outlet to express aggression (Berger 2002). Although many theories have emerged regarding the influence of violent videogames, the debate continues to be divided between those who claim its destructive nature and others who claim that videogames cannot be solely blamed for the aggressive behaviour expressed by young people. This essay therefore aims to examine different arguments raised in the literature regarding…show more content…
It is in fact true that most videogames are violent in nature or have violent elements. But whether or not they lead to players becoming violent is difficult to answer (Poole 2000; Berger 2002). In particular the concern lies mainly in the effects of these games on children as it is argued by psychologists and paediatrics that children are unable to differentiate between fiction and reality. In fact, by becoming regular players they become desensitised because it becomes so much a part of their lives (Jenkins 2006). The question therefore arises whether children should be allowed to play violent and sadistic games. Berger (2002) argues that although there is a significant difference between mediate violence, where the individual sees hundreds of killings, it has a different status from real violence, where the majority of us have never seen anyone get killed. Thus, the fact that violence in videogames is mediated gives it the status of ‘just’ play (see also Poole 2000). However, although a game may not be real, does not mean that it does not have a profound affect on us. As Berger (2002) argues that it may affect us in ways that we are not aware of. Particularly in videogames, people become active participants. Videogames are an active medium that requires constant physical input by the player. Accordingly the player is deeply involved with the game and therefore is significantly more than a mere
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