Affected And Benefited Population . It Is Very Hard To

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Affected and benefited population It is very hard to believe someone actually benefits from China’s air pollution, but it is true. For those companies that manufacture filter masks and air purifications products, they make dibs on the air pollution. Air purifiers market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18% during 2016 to 2021, according to TechSci Research Report. Those who can afford the price would like to install purifiers at homes, schools, offices, subway stations, airports and so on, at least as a kind of psychological comfort. Wealthy populations who live either in the urban or far away from polluted rural areas can financially defend themselves by by improving indoor air quality through air purifiers, wearing the best…show more content…
On the most recent reports from Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China from 16th to 22nd this April, it clearly shows that rural areas still violate air pollution regulations. There were 285 out of 450 enterprises did not meet emission standard for the first round of selective monitoring, including 7 major suburb districts in Beijing. For the second round, 248 out of 396 enterprises did not meet emission standard in BTH regions. There were also 169 out of 250 enterprises had environmental related issues that could not meet the standard, including defective devices, tampering data and disturbance of monitoring. However, the only punishment from the report is “serious warning” and “let local government process the rest”, which is very irresponsible. If there is no follow up, what is the point of mentoring? When it eventually comes to grassroots, what power do they have? Is social unrest a concern in Beijing? These questions require more social scholars’ attentions and studies in the future. However, I have remembered a lecture taught by French Ambassador Laurence Tubiana, she says that social movement is important for the people inside. Social movement can make a change and indirect affect the decision making process. We cannot deny the effort and resolution from Beijing government, but efficiency is also considered as a key factor in the process of fighting
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