Affects of European Law on English Law

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Question 1:-

The European law has affects the current English law by stating which particular bodies of rules needed to be taken into consideration. And the commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 whose passed principles which modified the traditional common-law agency rules has also produced an entirely new and commercially important form of agency.

Courts may use the instrument’s preamble or the Directives explanatory notes in order to define the aim of the European Directives.

“Termination of the agent’s authority is prospective and not retrospective.” Both principal and agent is able to sue each other on claims which accumulated prior termination. Such example where agent could be sued for negligent performance of his obligation due to agent’s illness.
Thus, if agency is contractual, the contract could only be terminable on a reasonable notice to prevent a breach of contract by principal.

The relationship between Principal and Agent is stated in common law where agent is in a fiduciary relationship with the Principal. “Agency is the relationship arising where one person, the principal (P), appoints another, the agent (A) to bring about, modify or terminate legal relations between the principal and a third party (T)”

The type of agent in this case is sales agent where the sales figure is observed from time to time by the principal.

In this question, it is concerning the commercial agents which defined under the Regulation
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