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People today blame popular culture for the “corrupting” of today’s generation. Many Americans do not think of the other factors that go into popular culture. There are in fact many factors that go into the things such as teen pregnancy, education failure, and violence of today’s youth. Factors such as money, home life, and enviorment. Not only do Americans feel popular culture is to blame, but also feels popular culture is having its affect too soon. Before being able to discuss the effects popular culture has on children, what exactly is “childhood?” With the ongoing debate of abortion many people do not agree on when a child’s life beings. Does a child’s life begin the moment the sperm and egg meet? At the second trimester in a…show more content…
Is the child who works for his family business to help make ends meet at the age of fourteen an adult? As opposed to the thirty year old who lives at home whose mom still washes his laundry not an adult? Since this is not a black and white subject it is difficult to determine what an adult is also. A lot of factors go into defining an adult, and everyone has their opinion Is popular culture having too much affect on children growing up in todays society? and, Is it having its affect too soon? Over the years popular culture has grown rapidly, due to the media. Now, media is published everywhere. In today’s society it is difficult for parents to monitor what their children watch, or listen to, or even read. While, the media is everywhere, should parents only blame the media? John Fiske, a communication scholar, explains media as giving the world “a visible and material presence to deep and persistent currents of meaning by which American society and American consciousness shape themselves.” (qtd. in Sternheimer 69). Parents simply blame popular culture so they do not have to take responsibility for the negativity their children may engage in, and simply want to take credit for only the positives. Children are definitely more exposed to popular culture now than in the past, but the topic is not necessarily black and white. While, the media is constantly blamed for the so called “corruption of adolescents” today, parents do still have some control. According

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