Affects of Social Media on Leadership Essay

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In today’s society there is a new desire to know what others are doing. Social media enables users to keep tabs on their followers while maintaining user productivity. The affects of social media has changed the way individuals receive their news, read their magazines, and organize the information they find on the Web. It has made the way people receive information easier and has challenged the way businesses are modeled. This viewpoint does contribute to the study of leadership. Social media has introduced a new way of doing things. Desired results are achieved while incorporating a grouping of ones peers. This is what leadership is about. Leadership influences people to accomplish a goal while directing an organization to become more…show more content…
To maintain consumer satisfaction businesses have begun to implement blogs. Effective companies rely on the critical feedback from consumers via social media. This viewpoint in my opinion can contribute to the study of leadership. For a business to stay on top of its game it must come up with new and innovative ways to maintain consumer satisfaction. This can be considered a characteristic of leadership. Social media tools such as blogging or monitoring comments on social networks gives businesses the opportunities to see what consumers are saying. It also enables them to identify areas in need of improvement. Listening to consumers can help a business work together to accomplish a goal, which is the very definition of leadership. Using this viewpoint, health care leaders can see the importance of using social media to stay in tuned with what patients are saying. For a health care organization to succeed they must provide quality care and quality service. If the patient population is not satisfied they are likely to vocalize their opinions to friends and families through social media. Health care leaders can create blogs or chats where consumers can express their concerns as a means to fix issues the organization may be experiencing. The information generated from social media can then be used by health care leaders to improve the organization, with the hopes of making their organization a leader in their community.
Chapter Three The introduction of
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