Affiliate Leadership Summary And Analysis

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guess I’m just a natural leader. I’m a Self-motivated to reach successes and positive personality. Trying to glue the group members together and encourage to work and help each other. Direct and straight forward person, I don’t like to keep fooling my members if they did something wrong or misunderstand something. Avoiding the personal issues with the members during work. I always try to set a good example for my colleges, my family and my friends. I listen am always learning. I believe in exemplifying respect allowing others to have their say whether I agree with it or not. the followers really like their leader, they are loyal, share information, and have high trust, all of which helps climate. The Affiliate leader gives frequent positive…show more content…
I listen to every information I get and of course trying to improve myself. I always try to stay calm and relaxed when talking to others. I show respect to others and they respect me to. I learned about ethics in the university and how to deal with several situation during the study years in the university. professional leaders could make some big mistakes and I’m not professional yet also I have some weaknesses. Such as, managing the complicating situations, separating the work between the members of the group and I don’t know how to organize the group work. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to what the members discuss between them. I’m getting nervous talking in front people and that’s will affect me during presentations and speeches. Mutual respect between leader and follower is a key prerequisite to success. There are many opportunities in clinical practice for doctors to show good followership and good leadership. A junior doctor can tactfully question his seniors as to why a decision is taken, understand it and then convey this with a sense of purpose to the nursing staff. Poor followers take negative attributes into their leadership
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