Affirmative Action And The Civil Rights Movement

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Affirmative Action has had a very tumultuous 54-year history. Affirmative action was a strategy that forged the Civil Rights Movement in response to the prejudiced approach toward African American citizens in the United States. The policy advocates that black citizens in particular conditions to avoid the unfairness they would usually receive. To try and explain why the methods and laws needed to be adjusted to be equal for everyone. It is essential to realize that 20 Africans came to America in 1619, records are not clear if they were slaves or indentured servants. It was until 1640 when the first African in Jamestown Virginia was declared a slave. The Court ordered that the slave had to serve his master for the rest of his life. The slaves made to work long hours and numerous slaves’ endured inhuman treatment and underwent severe injuries. American citizens in the South challenged a lengthy campaign to seek to continue to be permitted to own slaves but through Lincoln and abolitionist slave-owning was ultimately banished. Despite condemning slavery and installing multiple laws in society to assure African Americans be treated comparatively equal residents, this was not the situation in most regions in America particularly the South. Each attempt by the government to secure the level treatment of the African American was met with difficulties. Companies in society rejected the idea to hire African Americans over a white American even if both had comparable abilities.
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