Affirmative Action Are Effective Models For Younger Members Of Their Race

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There are also counterarguments for the position that affirmative action provides young people, and really minority, with a great role model. One scholar argues:
Moreover, I doubt very much that individuals who reach top positions through affirmative action are effective models for younger members of their race or sex. What, after all, do they model? A black vice president who got her job through affirmative action is not necessarily a model of how to rise through the corporate meritocracy. She may be a model of how affirmative action can work for the people who find or put themselves in the right place at the right time (Thomas, Jr, 1990).
This is also a valid viewpoint. Not everyone who is a placed into the workforce because of
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A positive role model for how to “rise through corporate meritocracy” is when they see someone they can relate to work the hard to reach their desired position. This role model had to beat out everyone, no matter the circumstances or backgrounds of the other employees. This person can teach those younger than him or her that hard work will take his or her mentees to the positions they would like to reach in Corporate America; being held back because of things someone cannot control such as race and gender is an excuse. Because of these and other reasons, changes in affirmative action are in order. White people’s views are not all their fault. There are a number of companies that hired minority workers just because the businesses needed to be more diverse. These workers were not hired because they were qualified. Seeing this happen numerous of times, it makes sense why Whites feel that minorities do not deserve to be beneficiaries of affirmative action. Minority workers do not work hard for the positions they have while Whites do. It is not fair in their eyes. That is why many Whites have expressed anger or disapproval of affirmative action programs in the workplace. “More than 40% of the total sample of non-Southern whites, or nearly one in every two, expresses anger toward affirmative action…Some 98% of Southerners-nearly all-are resentful toward affirmative action” (Knight, et al., 1997). With numbers like these,
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