Affirmative Action Case Study In College

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On April 1, 2013 on a case was brought up in the United States Supreme Court about the course of affirmative action programs to reshape or reaffirm it. African-American students at the university at the core of the case say it is crucial that their school’s admissions practices remain intact of this program. By this time the court is expected to rule in its current term on a case involving a race-conscious admissions policy at the University of Texas at Austin, where there was a white female student insists that she was passed over for acceptance at the university’s graduate school because of its policy of promoting applicants who are African-American, Latino and Asian. If the university loses the case and the admissions policy is struck down,…show more content…
Davis, who is vice president of the Black Student Alliance at the University of Texas, said that most minority students believe “that it is important for the admissions policies to remain the way they have been. “If the policy is overturned, she said, “We will have some work to do to make sure that people who look like us will still be able to experience being a student on this campus. But it is extremely important that students who look like us will continue to have these kinds of educational opportunities (2013)”. Affirmative action programs has many reason why they should stay active in the United States such as: ensure diversity, It offers a boost to disadvantaged students, promotes equality for all races, It breaks stereotypes regarding color, protection from…show more content…
When you think about the Affirmative action program it mostly involves the minority students on the college campus. Most of the students that deal with this type of situation, their families have low-income which make them have a lesser opportunities to get in a private school unlike white students. People need to understand and take note that minority students are hardworking and sincere and are capable being successful in school just like a white students. The disadvantages that the students might experience may not have the same qualifications as the white students. I believe that affirmative action makes sure that the students are getting the equal right they deserve so there will not be no foul play. Another reason I agree with affirmative action is that it promotes equality for all races. By that it mean that the students of different race will not be held back from any opportunity because of their
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