Affirmative Action : Discrimination Against Minorities

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Othmane Ezzabdi
AP Seminar
Affirmative Action
Affirmative action has been apart of the work environment in America since the 1960s until present time. Its main goal has been to suppress the discrimination against minorities and to give them a fighting chance to succeed in achieving their goal of living the American dream all in an act to counter the inexcusable racism and discrimination that has been inhumanely placed on to the minorities over a century ago in the United States; it will ultimately lead to the end of stereotypes and prejudice (Becker, n.d.). Due to the historical and social aspects connected with affirmative action, this policy should still be part of the workplace in America because it has drastically amplified diversity in companies and permits minorities of all different races to have an equal fighting chance of moving past their poor, horribly lives due to the injustice they faced and into success they have longed yearned for. Affirmative action should still have an active role in the workplace in America because by analyzing the historical past of affirmative action one can conclude that affirmative action has played a major role in increasing the diversity among companies. On March 6, 1961 President John F. Kennedy issued the Executive Order 10925 or also known as the policy of affirmative action. He envisioned for this policy to create equal chances for all races in the work environment and that all employees are treated fairly during service,
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