Affirmative Action : Equal Employment Opportunity

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Williams 1
Kyle D. Williams
Ms. Denk
Honors English 9
12 May 2017
Research Paper In 1961, president John F Kennedy issued an executive order which created the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity and funded new actions to bring about “affirmative action” in eliminating racial bias in employment. In 1969 President Richard Nixon created the Philidelphia Order, a plan to make sure fair hiring was enforced. Initially, these acts were meant to correct past mistakes, and the opportunities were similar to the census data. By the late 1970’s some of these acts were being removed. From then on, many other acts and lawsuits have been pursued and removed, even as recent as last year. These acts are not only likely to damage race relations, but
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These academic gaps bring even more problems to students accepted through affirmative action. For example, Haidt references a study by Peter Arcidiacono stating, “University students tend to befriend those similar to themselves in academic achievement.” And if there are disparities in academic achievement, students will self segregate without realizing it, unintentionally increasing the feelings of exclusion for minorities and ultimately damaging race relations even more.
While there may be academic reasons for making these programs, if the goal is to create an inclusive culture on campus, research shows that these efforts will fail; not only will these programs damage race relations, they will create even more racism, backfiring against the goal of these demands. The evaluations on diversity training programs have not been pleasant. Haidt references a 2007 review of diversity training in corporations that expressed, “on average, programs designed to reduce bias among managers responsible for hiring and promotion have
Williams 3 not worked.” This research also noted, “these programs often induce ironic negative effects (such as reactance or backlash) by implying that participants are
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