Affirmative Action Essay: Time to Stop Special Privileges

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Affirmative Action: Time to Stop Special Privileges Imaging being a young, black, grad-student, fresh out of law-school, looking for a job. You find and apply for the career of your dreams, only to find later that you didn't get the job. Petitioning the employer for an explanation, you find that you weren't hired due to the color of your skin. Wouldn't this enrage you? Would you cry "discrimination", and take the employer to court? Many people would sympathize with you and grant you the decision in the court case. Discrimination like that has no place in today's society. Now imagine the exact same scenario, only instead of being black, you're white. You find and apply for the career of your dreams, only to find later that you…show more content…
The current president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, decided that certain measures needed to be taken to insure the progress of human rights in America, and therefore proposed the Civil Rights Act. Good idea? In theory, yes, the law indeed gave many deserved jobs to blacks and women. Past decades of unfair discrimination were ended with that law. Affirmative Action fulfilled its' purpose for several years, but in the late 70's, the way the Act was interpreted began to change remarkably. In 1978, the Supreme Court made a decision that in hiring, racial quotas are constitutional and necessary in order to effectively end discrimination. Later, in 1979, private employers received the right to use racial preferences to correct past discrimination. In the court case of Johnson v. Transportation Agency of Santa Clara County, the issue of hiring minorities and women over better-qualified men and whites as a means to improve workplace balance was upheld (Tyson). What all this means to the average, tax-paying, American citizen is that discrimination is once again a vital issue in American society, only this time it's against Caucasian males. Whatever happened to a mankind's achievements being the basis for success? Now, white males are having to work harder to get the same jobs that women and minorities recieve, on the basis of sex or race. If all men are created equal, then
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