Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action Generations of families have suffered due unequal laws or prejudices set in place to prevent minorities from growing. Slavery, segregation, separate but equal laws, the trail of tears, failing ESOL classes, unequal pay and so much more effect today's youth and causing history to change slowly if at all. Affirmative action has good intentions and is very much needed in today's world however it sometimes fails doing what it was created to do. The extra points given to the students of color is seen to be unfair, fails at creating an economically diverse environment, and sets low expectations for students of color (But Not At This Cost). The does not believe the advantages are fair at all "For example, a perfect SAT…show more content…
One major key of why affirmative action fails is due to the inclusion of gender equality when hiring or accepting applicants. People believe that the growth from 1961 to now is so significant that there is no longer a need for affirmative action. This idea of thinking is wrong and get people believing that the election of the first black president somehow changes how the world views people of color. Although these views changed for the better over the years we now stuck in a period of unconscious biased. People of color are often generalized daily whether in stores, school, the street, racial profiling and even the media. Powerful people such as Donald Trump voicing his opinions with haughtiness, lacking respect and picking his choice of words carelessly. We are surrounded by racism and unconscious biased like innocent people being shot, police brutality, college fraternities chanting words of hate, achievement gaps in school and the workplace. Our surrounding affect the public's perception Many white people believe that affirmative action is not fair and limits their chances of acceptance when applying to college or jobs. But what they do not know is affirmative action has be proven to help Caucasian females more than any other race or gender. The reason why is because affirmative action does not only aid people other

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