Affirmative Action In The Workplace

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The first use of affirmative action was to increase ethnic diversity occurred in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy Executive Order (10925), required government contractors to take "affirmative action" in the hiring of more minorities and women and ending workplace discrimination, per historian (Stephen Cahn). However affirmative action was not fully enforced until 1964 under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act where that under “Federal law which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. Also in 1971, President Richard Nixon followed in JFK's footsteps by ordering all government contractors to develop a written affirmative action. It generally applies to employers…show more content…
(Is Affirmative Action Still Necessary to Assure Equal Opportunity in Employment)”, it brought me back to someone I knew of that worked for a company who has had several lawsuits because of discrimination against pregnant women, the company was fined several times and had to pay out lots of money. Their pregnancy did not interfere with their job duties, this employer felt that they were not as productive as the other employees and fired them without any warnings or disciplinary actions, so the employees took matters in their hands and took their employer to court and won the case based on…show more content…
These can be done through the following methods, for example, job satisfaction, transfer, promotion and, rewarding employees. Affirmative action may seem necessary in some organization however, due to the Title VII act which prohibits employers from discriminating, as employees I am hoping that every employee is given a fair chance to equal employment opportunities based on their
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