Affirmative Action Is A Moral And Just Purpose

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Affirmative Action was originally established by former President John F. Kennedy on March 6, 1961 in his executive order, which included a provision that mandated federally funded projects to take “affirmative action” to ensure that hiring and employment were free of racial bias (#4). Over the years, colleges and universities began to adopt similar policies in their admissions process (#2). The purpose of affirmative action is to provide an equal ground for women and people of color in the workforce and educational institutions (#4). There are many debates and myths about affirmative action, some of which will be unraveled later in this paper. This policy does not mean it benefits unqualified minorities, but rather highlights qualified and over-qualified minorities to be considered by otherwise predominantly white institutions (#4). Affirmative action is supposed to aid the nation in establishing equal opportunity for all. In my opinion, affirmative action has a moral and just purpose and I will be using Martin Luther King Jr., Mill, and Foucault to support my argument. The battle for equality is an ongoing struggle for women and minorities all over the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. was an influential advocate for civil rights during a time in which minorities were arguably more oppressed than today (#1). He fought for racial equality and recognized that the United States had to work on their racial segregation policies and strive for cohesiveness (#1). The push
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