Affirmative Action Is Not Necessary

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The purpose of affirmative action is to allow equal access to employment to create a workforce that reflects the demographics of a qualified workforce in the relevant job market for all minorities, people with disabilities and women (Human Resources). It wasn’t until President Nixon who proposed the Philadelphia Plan that imposed racial hiring quotas on the city’s construction industry, affirmative action then became an issue of race causing the cases of reverse racism to rise ( Kahlenberg 2 ). Though as a country most of the citizens would like to believe that affirmative action is not needed because of great advancements made considering the election of the first black president. Affirmative action is still needed in the United States in order to overcome the education and employment disparity between the white and the minorities in the United States, but its implementation needs to be renovated.
Affirmative action in education at a college level has been an issue that has sparked a lot of debates over the use of race as a criteria for admission into a college, but for affirmative action to truly but relevant in today’s world. It needs to be implemented from the ground up or from public education system in order to overcome the educational disparity that exists at the college level. According to the National Center for Educational Statists an “educational gap occurs when one group of students outperforms another group, (Pitre 2). This can occur when the quality of…

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