Affirmative Action Is The Perfect Plan

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Affirmative Action
On March 6th, 1955, President John F. Kennedy signed executive order 10925 enforcing that government corporations not discriminate against anyone based off their race and skin color. This became “positive” discrimination otherwise known as affirmative action. Affirmative action is a method benefiting anyone who have experienced discrimination particular to one’s education and/ or employment (Affirmative Action). In today’s age affirmative action is creating “reverse racism” due to colleges and universities wanting more diversity in their schools, setting white people at an unfair disadvantage. During the 1960’s, implementing race-based affirmative action was the perfect plan, giving diverse people an equal opportunity towards being accepted into colleges and universities. While some might argue diversity cannot survive within the U.S university system without race-based affirmative action, it is proven that class and economic based policies increase diversity and acts equally as a race-neutral solution(Wikipedia).
Oberlin, a college in the 1930’s, was the first to accept women into their schooling system(Oberlin History). This took part in many factors towards influencing other schools to include women as well. The very concept of affirmative action came during the “Reconstruction Era” In the midst of 1865 to 1877. In 1870, two thousand six hundred women were enrolled in coeducational colleges taking up twenty one percent of the school. Soon enough 398,…

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