Affirmative Action Policies

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Affirmative Action Policies University of Phoenix Human Resources Management HRM 240 As the Recruiting Manager for T&R Fabric Company, I have seen firsthand the need for an affirmative action that this company. I have seen department managers not hire highly qualified individual because of race, gender, color, religion and age. Those individual could have taken our company to the next level. I am asking the board of directors of this company to commitment an affirmative action policy that will make this company an equal opportunity employer, to meet and achieve the goals of this company with individual of different race, sex, religion, and age. Many of you may think that affirmative action is no longer need because we have grown…show more content…
As the recruiting manager of this company I have heard so many times that we should not hire individual over the age of 65 because their eye site is going, black people are lazy and do not want to work, and Hispanics are taking all the job so why should we give them more. I have also heard that affirmative action is reverse discrimination against whites, or that we are giving preference to minority groups or older individuals. This affirmative action policy will ensure that we have a diversified workplace, and will help us to compete with other companies when it time heir new employees. Than affirmative action policy will also be beneficial when it comes to make deal with new countries. T&R Fabric Company does business with counties from all over the globe. How many accounts have we lost because of the lack of diversity of the company? Making the policy publicize shows everyone that we are committed to become and equal opportunity employer. With the class action law suit filed against the company now is the time to put this policy into place. Several of our former employee’s feel that T&R Fabric Company do not put minority and woman in management positions, or pay them as much as their white co-worker who are as qualified as they are. We should put a policy in place before it is court ordered. T&R Fabric Company should meet with other companies that have affirmative action and see how it has helped their
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