Affirmative Action : Racial Equality

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Stephany Rodriguez
Jeannie Daugherty
College English
January 21, 2015
Affirmative Action: Racial Equality

As a senior in high school, college becomes more of a reality to me- meaning the hunt for the perfect university is But, the real question is, what do I look for when it comes to my dream college? To my surprise, it’s not the typical campus size issue, but rather it was racial diversity. The bottom line is, I do not want to be placed in a class where I am surrounded by a herd of just one specific race: African-American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, etc., simply because it hinders my learning experience due to feeling constantly uncomfortable. Think of it this way, imagine yourself in a room full of the Caucasian race, and you are a Hispanic- the only Hispanic, how uncomfortable would you feel? However, if an individual was seated in a class with rich cultural diversity, more students would excell and feel less tension in the room because they would not feel like an outcast. Speaking for myself, as a Hispanic, I would feel much more comfortable knowing that there were various other races besides one; I would not feel like the “elephant” in the room.
Americans today tend to believe that people should get into colleges based on their academics, not privileged because of their race. Hence, affirmative action is pointless and completely unfair. Despite that common belief, I feel affirmative action benefits those of racial minority…
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