Affirmative Action Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Imagine all through high school you were an excellent student with a minimum of A’s and B’s in all of your classes, able to keep excellent grades even with having extra-curricular activities; and halfway through your senior year you decide to apply for your dream college only to receive a rejection. You now become confused and start questioning why the board did not accept you. Is it because you were not as exceptional as you believed/was told or is it because another student who is just as competent as you is getting the greater advantage. View it this way, there are two students; one black and one white, who are both applying for college and are comparable in every way from grades, test scores and activities outside of school, except economically,…show more content…
Consequently, students who have been admitted into colleges under Affirmative Action are usually deemed as inadequate to handle the school. Most of these students are chosen by ethnicity and race rather than how well they do in school, for instance, if they are not properly prepared and ready to work hard they will initially fail the class or classes before their first final. When a student is admitted into a school due to their ethnicity, it fulfills the exact opposite objective that Martin Luther King Jr. had once believed would happen, and that was to have a society that was not “color-blind,” instead race awareness increases rather than promoting a society in favor of having color-blind justice. Another way supporters would argue that it is needed is that it aids students to study areas that they might not have thought about even touching ground in, however this could also affect the student, on account of them not knowing much about that area, in short leaving them unprepared and set up for failure. As stated in ‘Arguments for and Against Affirmative Action’ states, “It destroys the idea of a meritocracy and instead puts race as the dominant factor in admissions and hiring procedures,” in other words, saying that the group of people whose progress is usually based on their ability and talent is being comprehensively overlooked because their race is becoming the principal aspect on how a college determines whether or not a student is admissible in the
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