Affirmative Action Should Be Banned

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It is quite common to see people in all races study in the same classrooms nowadays, but back to history this kind of classroom was nearly impossible to exist. The reason behind this huge transformation is because of affirmative action. Although there is a heated debate on whether college admission should only be based on students’ merits or minority races. be racial conscious. This debatable topic leads to a question that affirmative action should be banned or not. Affirmative action is necessary during the college admission process, because affirmative action is beneficial for the colleges to become more cultural and racial diverse and minorities can gain greater power in the society and promoting the equality for minorities. What is affirmative action exactly and how it becomes an issue? According to opposing view website, affirmative action is a policy for minorities to have greater chances to attain high education, job opportunities and other areas of life (“Affirmative action”,2015). Furthermore, with using affirmative action, many colleges created quotas for minority applicants in order to make campuses more diverse. Many court cases are brought up on this issue, which letting it be on the spotlight. For example, in the case Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978), Allen Bakke who was a white male who applied to the University of California, but got rejected. While, he found out that the university accepted some African-American who
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