Affirmative Action : The Act Of Letting Someone Acquires Education And Job Opportunities

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Affirmative action, the act of letting someone acquires education and job opportunities because they were unable to do so before due to race, ethnicity, etc. Everyone came to the United States to learn and increase their education; however, due to the complications that some universities and schools enforce, how can they? America took years and years to convince that affirmative action is the best way for everyone to have the privilege to learn, regardless of race, ethnicity, or color. The baffling factor of how difficult the minorities have to face just so they can sit in a classroom and learn, while the non-minorities can benefit in all its glory. But atlas, things have changed. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Women have the equal…show more content…
Even though they had that already, we can all learn together, right? We truly believe that affirmative action did set us on a wonderful path to help those who yearn for education and the workforce to have an equal chance just like everybody else; also, helps America become a more equal and diverse nation for all people. Everyone has the right to choose their career and academic goals, DO NOT decide for them because of the stereotypical image we all portray them as. If they want to be a Doctor, then we better see a whole lot of minority doctors. If the Whites get to have the same academic goals and higher learning like the minorities, then fine. Let them. Maybe this will take them off the “golden pedestal” for a while. ¬¬How does the “Ten Percent Rule” fall into affirmative action? Top headline: An incident happened at University of Texas ¬where their “Ten percent rule” guarantees the applicant admission if they graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school senior class. Let’s freeze and define top 10 percent real quick. The top 10 percent defines as “campus officials attribute the results directly to the new state law granting automatic admission to students in the top 10% of their high school classes without regard to test scores, as well as to more aggressive recruitment activities” those who successfully achieve top 10 percent in high school that they are granted automatic admission to any school regardless of test
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