Affirmative Action : The Act Of Letting Someone Acquires Education And Job Opportunities

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Affirmative action, the act of letting someone acquires education and job opportunities because they were unable to do so before due to race, ethnicity, etc. Everyone came to the United States to learn and increase their education; however, due to the complications that some universities and schools enforce, how can they? America took years and years to convince that affirmative action is the best way for everyone to have the privilege to learn, regardless of race, ethnicity, or color. The baffling factor of how difficult the minorities have to face just so they can sit in a classroom and learn, while the non-minorities can benefit in all its glory. But atlas, things have changed. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Women have the equal opportunity to earn higher education and succeed in life just as any other ethnicity. America did take a few decades to say “Ok, we were wrong, everyone can vote, learn, and work”; in addition, America grew to become more and more diverse. Let’s just hope this policy never changes. This may be a big debate because some may say “Why are we benefitting the Whites? Haven’t they basked in their own glory already? This isn’t fair!” But, we are Americans, the gateway to freedom, the open door to all education and jobs, and most certainly a race/color/ethnicity welcoming nation, so we should not think highly of anyone else. We are equal and free. Since universities and schools now welcome anyone willing to learn and all minorities can benefit the…
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