Affirmative Action : The Land Of Opportunity

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Final Paper “Affirmative Action Is Here To Stay” Carlton Nash Soc 212-02 Fall 2015 12/14/15 Professor Doucot America is known as the land of opportunity, where one could achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter who they are. Thousands of people from all over, migrate to the United States every year so that they can have access to opportunities they never had before. This is well known as, "the American dream”. Affirmative action has helped minorities to try and reach their American dream. Despite the fact that minorities and women have made a lot of headway in equality over the past decades, affirmative action should still be in place in the work place and education due to the hardship of minorities and women in the fight for equality. Minorities and as well as women has been oppressed for years while white men were moving forward and gaining more power in the country. As the Department of Labor quoted, affirmative action was created in effort for, “The right of all persons to be accorded full and equal consideration and, concurrently, a policy that actively hires and promoting qualified individuals in protected groups such as minorities, disabled veterans, veterans and women. It was created to focus on education and jobs, and the policies were put in place to take all the active measures, under the framework of non-discrimination, to ensure that disadvantaged groups that had prevalently suffered discrimination have the same

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