Essay on Affirmative Action and Racial Equality

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Affirmative Action and Racial Equality (1) Issue Identification Many individuals do not know the meaning of the term “affirmative action.” In order to clearly understand the issue, one must first know the necessary terms associated with it. Affirmative action is a term given to an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination (i.e. African Americans, Asians, etc.). For example, certain scholarships for African Americans can be regarded as affirmative action opportunities. Another example of affirmative action could be an institutional program designed for African Americans. So why is it important? Affirmative action policies and programs are designed to insure that qualified individuals of minority groups…show more content…
No matter what skin color people have, people share similar dreams. With affirmative action, we have come a long way. However, we still see a strong need for it as discrimination still exists everywhere. (2) Evolution of the Controversy Furthermore, the root of affirmative action in the quest to promote equality can date back all the ways to 1961. In 1961, racism and discrimination were evident all throughout the United States. However in 1961, President John F. Kennedy first introduced the concept of affirmative action in executive order 10925. Later, it was enforced by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 as he issued executive order 11246 which gave the Secretary of Labor responsibility for administration and enforcement of the order mandating that contractors not discriminate against any employees or qualified applicants because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Later, in 1967, he even amended it to include gender! President Johnson clearly saw the issue of discrimination in the work place and in the education system as he stated “this is the next and more preferred stage for the battle of civil rights” (Affirmative Action). Many would not make the argument discrimination did not exist in the time of President Johnson. However, many overlook the fact that it still exists today and how we still need affirmative action. Wouldn’t you find it extremely upsetting
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