Affordability Of Our Education : Is A College Education Worth The Cost?

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Sylvia Ikharo Comp 1101 March 15, 2016 Affordability of our Education Every working American family knows how hard it is today to find affordable higher education. As of the past few decades the tuition fee for most public and private colleges increased by 250 percent while income increased by 16 percent (Politico, 2013). The statistics have since then become a trend that has now evolved each year, hence; making it difficult for parents to send their children to school that can cause them to miss out on great opportunities (Dorfman, 2013). According to Justine Draeger (2009) “With the cost of college rising, many have asked a central question: Is a college education worth the cost?” (Para. 1). Some people will most likely agree to this proposition, while others believe that it is worth it if it is affordable. For the majority of people that can afford to pay for college, getting a higher paid jobs, responsible citizens are most important after graduation (Draeger, 2009). Some people would view this situation of affordability of college as a matter of choice, as in a situation of whether a person is capable and willing to take the burden of paying for college or just settling for less. In 1994-1995 the cost of tuition fee increased by 59 percent at public universities and 42 percent at private universities as the family income increased by 2 percent, and has since then become a growing trend (Perna & Li, 2006). According to the United States annual

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