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Overview of the Company
Affordable Bath and Kitchen (AB&K) is a full model remodeling company located in Southeastern Wisconsin. They offer remodeling for any room and have an on-staff team of designers, carpenters, tile setters and a licensed plumber and electrician.

Procedures used to take, process, and deliver an order For AB&K, there are many steps that are required to get the finished remodel to a customer. The first step for the company is to have an initial design consultation with the customer. The meeting is free of charge for the customer and is about an hour long. During this consultation there will be a discussion about timing and budget requirements needed to plan for the remodel. The next step is to have an in-home consultation. This is a scheduled visit that will confirm the design scope and budget. At this time AB&K will measure and photograph the space to begin the design process. The fee to measure and put together a preliminary design, materials and budgets is about $250.00-500.00 depending on the size of the project. The step following the in-home consultation is a presentation. The assigned design associate does these presentations in the showroom. These presentations consist of designs, materials, an estimated time frame. After the remodeling contract is signed, an estimated budget is released to the customer. The succeeding step is design fees. They are a minimum of $500.00 and are determined by the designer depending on the size and time…

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