Affordable Care Act, By President Obama

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The Affordable Care Act, signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010, fails to reach the intended goal of being more affordable for those in the population who cannot afford health insurance. The Affordable Care Act affects taxes, the out of pocket spending as well as the national debt. Now, considering the word “affordable” is in the name of the act itself, it is very contradicting that the Affordable Care Act is not very “affordable”. Affordable has a very different meaning if you were to ask people across the nation. People in Montana for example, the average salary in the state of Montana is $37,575, while in the state of New York, the average salary is $52,330. People in Montana would see $25,000 a lot differently than people …show more content…
Also, by forcing everyone to have health insurance, you put an extra burden on employers. Employers not only now have to pay the employees, but they have to provide health insurance. If health insurance is not provided, employers are forced to pay a fine. It should be the individual person’s responsibility to pay for themselves to be covered, not the employer 's responsibility.
The individual mandate is the base of the Affordable Care Act which requires all Americans to obtain health insurance. The fine for not having health insurance would be taken out of your income tax for every month health insurance is not obtained. Sadly, there is only a small window for signing up for this health insurance. There is a certain open enrollment period in which people must sign up by, or they would have to wait until the next period. This means, if a person were to miss the enrollment period, they would have to suffer the fine for the next consecutive months until the next enrollment period. Since 2014, the fee has risen each year. Therefore, Americans who struggle enough to live and couldn’t afford the “affordable” health care would suffer greatly due to the increased fines. An article published by a mix of doctors from across the country shows how these fines are imposed. “There are financial penalties in the form of a new tax on individuals who fail to buy health
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