Affordable Care Act Essay

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The Affordable Care Act is an act used to help citizens that need help with medical bills, and is also called Obamacare. The ACA was an act passed by President Obama is 2010 and it is used to help people with health care. People around the United States use ACA for medical bills, and health insurance. Affordable care act is not only to help people with medical bills it also can be used for people who really need help with medical bills and need help financially. The fate of the Affordable Care Act is up in the air because the new president may or may not repeal it. Some people would be against the act because they are mad that their tax dollars go to it, and they would rather have their tax dollars go to something more useful. America’s medical cost rises twice as fast than the rest of the economy. In a book written by Susan Dudley Gold she states that in 2009 60% of the U.S firms provided some form of health insurance in the economy. In her book she also states that retired personnel receive 29% of health benefits from former employers. WIthout the ACA health insurance is used to help cover the cost of medical bills will rise sharply. The economical impact has been negative since the act was passed by President Obama in 2010 also since the act was passed each year 3% of people…show more content…
Many people would say the act would be a good thing to have and there are those who say the act should be removed. With the new president being put into office some people wonder whether or not we will have it. In 2010, when the affordable care act was introduced people thought the act would be good for people. Many of the people who are against having ACA are republicans. Some people are mad because it takes money out of there taxes and they have to pay for it when they feel they should keep that money. Democrats are for the act and helping people and at the time the act was passed the president was a

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