Affordable Care Act : How It Applies From A Constitutional Stand Point

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Affordable Care Act: How it applies from a Constitutional Stand Point Jeremy Grapentin SOC 321 Baker College 4-23-2015 The Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obama Care, is just one of many pieces of legislation dealing with health care issues that our country faces. In this paper the discussion of this legislation will focus on the applicability of the legislation and what it means to American citizens. Decisions and pending rulings by the Supreme Court will be discussed and analyzed by constitutional standards and will show the facts of the legislation’s standing as law. Specific constitutional criteria will be utilized is determining the validity of the ACA in conjunction with other federal laws as well as any prohibitions stated within any court rulings and the United States Constitution. The issues of canceled insurance policies, mandates to acquire or retain insurance, and the impact of such on citizens will be addressed in accordance of the previously mentioned criteria. A solution as to how to fix the problem of health care legislation, specifically the ACA, will be offered and substantiated by way of facts and law in order to present a better understanding of the ACA. To begin, an understanding of how legislation is to function needs to be met. Our elected branch of legislation, collectively known as Congress, is delegated specific powers enumerated in the constitution under Article 1 §8 (Enumerated Powers) of the United States Constitution.

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