Affordable Care Act : Improving Quality Of Care

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affordable care act was developed to improve quality of care by reducing cost and the way care was being delivered to its consumers. The strictly mandated that each stated would provide and establish health homes for individuals especially those who are suffering from chronic diseases and illness’s. “I the law require the development of a core set of health quality and performance measures for adults to determine the quality of care provided to enrollees. It also provides Federal funding to increase primary care payment rates and for States that provide recommended adult preventive services and vaccinations” (Medicaid .gov, 2014). These mandates also require that some establishments provide customers with a good outcome and experience while at their facilities. There are also incentives provided to doctors who correctly diagnose their patients for the very first time reducing the rates of readmission this also applied to those that provided outstanding follow up care for patients “The new law provides incentives for physicians to join together to form “Accountable Care Organizations.” These groups allow doctors to better coordinate patient care and improve the quality, help prevent disease and illness and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. If Accountable Care Organizations provide high quality care and reduce costs to the health care system, they can keep some of the money that they have helped save. Effective January 1, 2012” ( HHS>GOV). With all these incentive being
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