Essay on Affordable Care Act: Is This Helping Americans?

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As our great country grows we fix and find new problems every day. One of the biggest debates in the country is regarding whether or not the new “Affordable Care Act” is posing a problem to American society and lifestyle. Many actors, sports men, and friendly faces would tell you how wonderful it will be for American medicine once the populace is insured. However “Affordable care is more of a pipe dream in America until we are a more fiscally stable country, as well as a better approach to socialized medicine. For now the only thing we should be doing regarding health care is stapling a limit to make it more affordable for middle and lower class people instead of penalizing people for something they cannot afford. As Federal District…show more content…
See what they are doing is making the premiums go up almost by half for younger people so they can compensate for cutting elderly peoples premiums in half. The irony in this is that Obama won the presidency with a 66 percent of the vote among adults aged 18 to 29. That is a larger share than any presidential candidate has won in decades. Yet his health care overhaul could impose its greatest burdens on young adults. If it was not bad enough that the costs for “affordable care” are not so affordable, many companies, businesses, and other places where people work, have cut their employees hours back to thirty or less in order to avoid the new health care laws. The new acts states that any employee working forty hours and up are to be insured by the employer. Many businesses either cannot pay for that, or will not leaving people with smaller paychecks to purchase their own health care as well as groceries, rent, utilities and everything else we need as Americans. Just as well if you cannot find the means to purchase health insurance which (depending on age and income) costs about $6,350 a year, you will be penalized about $900 for not purchasing. Three out of every five Americans state that they would rather take the penalty than pay so much for something that they could
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