Affordable Care Act Issues With The Uninsured

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One of the main components that had given the Affordable Care Act issues with the uninsured rate in the United States is the growth of the Medicaid program. The Affordable Care Act granted all 50 states billions of dollars in federal financial aid to increase their Medicaid program to insure people who made up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. Starting at the beginning of 2016, the federal government reduced its federal aid, covering less than 10 percent of what was promised, which ended up putting more of the responsibility of insuring Medicaid qualified Americans on the states. This caused a fallout of state governors being against ObamaCare, resulting with having 21 states declining any federal funding or expands their…show more content…
This year’s fine is expected to be an average of $969, an amount 47 percent higher than last year. Granted there are fair exemptions from paying the fine, either than living in poverty or other life disadvantages, it is hard for many individuals to fit under the category. With an expected growth in these penalties yearly, they are starting to become much expensive than actually having health insurance plan back before the Affordable Care Act was put into play. People who chose to not pay for health insurance are being required into either registering with ObamaCare, or be forced to pay a premium fine. Though made into law, this recent rule has made it feel unconstitutional for individuals who are used to the choice of having health coverage. Despite the negative portrayal of this penalty, the amount of people in the United States who do not have health insurance is at a momentous low of around 9 percent. D. Medicare The Affordable Care Act’s has worsened Medicare, more specifically towards senior citizens. The law has spending deductions to Medicare that total up to $716 billion to a decade from now. Although President Obama has guaranteed Medicare benefits will not be cut, just the expenses to hospitals and other providers, it 's unreasonable to think that decreasing what a hospital is waged to take care of senior citizens won 't harm their care. The Affordable Care Act contains a chain of Medicare reforms that will produce billions of dollars in
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