Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care )

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Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) has serious implications in almost all the sectors of the US healthcare system. The health insurance companies are the greatest losers because of Obama Care. What they believed to be a sound policy that would help them and increase their earnings, has turned out to be a bad policy. I feel that Obama Care is battering the health insurance companies. I agree that the concerns raised by the US healthcare system are valid. It is true that the Obama care policy has not been of great benefit to their businesses. Companies have been suffering significant losses because of Obama Care. It is unfortunate that the advocates of Obama care continue to argue that the Obama care is of great benefit to the insurance companies, yet they do not have a better understanding of what the insurance business entails. While they projected that the policy was going to increase the revenue of the insurance companies due to the many subscribers, they do not consider that companies are making losses. It is very true that Obama Care is impacting healthcare providers negatively. The concerns of the US healthcare system are also supported by other insurance companies who are complaining about the same issues. The US healthcare system should take a step and refrain from taking any other policies related to Obama Care. It is not viable to continue making losses since the same will affect businesses growing concern. Obama Care was expected to support the insurance companies,
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