Affordable Care Act Of Us Mandatory Health Coverage

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Affordable Care Act in USA: Mandatory Health Coverage The healthcare system in America is a market based system that functions by relying on the structures of an efficient market. The principles of demand and supply are instrumental in determining the functionality of the healthcare system in USA. One of the factors that has contributed to this reality is the fact that healthcare in the US is provided by various distinct organizations which are largely owned by private businesses. Indeed, 21% of hospitals in USA are owned by the government while another 21% are owned by private businesses operating for profit. 58% of hospitals in USA can be described as not for profit organizations. Indeed, the American healthcare system is a leader in medical innovation when compared to its impact on the health status of people. However, the nature of the entire unit as a whole leaves a lot to be desired since accessibility to these medical marvels remains a fundamental problem for a majority of the US population (Davis, Stremikis, Squires & Schoen, 2014). A highly effective healthcare system is highly dependent upon the ability of all people to receive reliable care that meets all needs. In addition to this, the quality of the healthcare system should be backed by the best scientific knowledge available. However, a closer introspection into the structure of healthcare in the nation reveals that there is big gap with regards to the overall performance of healthcare. In comparisons to
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