Affordable Care Act

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Yolanda Raqueno
April 17, 2013

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act The goal of this essay is to discuss the health care system in the United States. Another aim of this essay is to discuss the health policy, to improve, and to reduce inequalities. In the United States the private insurance system is a major provider of health care services, health care system is expensive and in many cases not efficient. This essay focuses on the patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Formulating, Legislative, and Implementation stages. The government has trying to stop the increasing growth of spending on health care and offering different measures by pricing controlling
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The health reform will provide billions dollars in tax relief, and reduces what most people will pay for health care by capping -out of pocket expenses. Americans are allowed to choose their health insurance coverage, and the Affordable Care Act will help to ensure that American will receive a quality health care (Morone, 2008). The small business owner will be able to buy a health insurance for the employees. The small businesses will receive a tax credit for up to 50% of the cost the employees’ health insurance. The health insurance companies cannot reject coverage of pre-existing chronic illness, and the patients have right to appeal if an insurance companies refuse doctor ordered treatments (Morone, 2008). Federal health reform provides more people with access to health insurance coverage, establish legal protection for patients, and set up mechanisms for consumers to shop knowledgeably for health care coverage (Rigby, 2011). The advantages of health care reforms are the following:
• Expanding Medicaid to allow more consumers at the low-income families, or patients levels to qualify for health care insurance (Nichols, 2010).
• Encouraging business employers to offer health care insurance (Nichols, 2010).
• Provides credits to purchase private health coverage to moderate income Americans, especial to those are not qualified for Medicaid (Nichols, 2010).
• Streamline the purchase of health care coverage from the establishment of the

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