Affordable Care Act Research Paper

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Candace Jones Professor Dame HPHM-4311 11 September 2017 The road to the Affordable Care Act has been difficult and extensive based on past health reform attempts by previous administrations. You can date back to the Truman administration after World War II, this was an initial attempt to increase healthcare accessibility. President Truman proposed universal health insurance, but Congress didn’t pass the Bill. President Eisenhower didn’t make efforts for universal health insurance like his predecessor, but his administration made slight health reform proposals such as funding healthcare for military dependents and health insurance benefits for social security dependents. The Kennedy Administrations laid the framework for Medicare by…show more content…
During this time, Senator Kennedy made the first attempt since the Kennedy Administration to make efforts towards a major health reform. President Nixon’s National Health Insurance Act was in competition in Congress with Senator Kennedy’s Health Security Act. The Health Security Act would be like “Medicare for All” financed by a federal single-payer. This program would end the need for premiums and private health insurance. The Health Security act didn’t make it far in Congress, but it was good to resurface the topic of universal health insurance since the Truman Administration. (Markel, 2015) The Watergate Scandal of the 1970’s consumed most of the Ford Administrations efforts, so little was done under the administration towards health reform. Luckily, the Carter Administration brought back the idea of universal healthcare and the American Medical Association slightly began to support the idea for the first time. Due to the United States being in a recession at the time, Congress didn’t give President Carter’s plan much attention. The economic issues the United States faced caused the Reagan administration to not make any progress towards a major health reform as well. President Regan actually went in the opposite direction and cut a lot of government funding on healthcare; those cuts mainly affected physician and hospital reimbursements. However, the Regan Administration passed the Medicare Catastrophic Act through Congress, which expanded Medicare benefits
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