Affordable Care Act 's Performance

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Affordable Care Act’s Performance With the recent elections results leading to a republican majority in the house of congress and pending results that point to a republican majority also leading the senate, many wonder the faith of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is known by many. The federal statue which was signed in 2010 by President Barack Obama to create the law has received a great deal of criticism since its inception. This criticism is clearly seen with the many attempts at repealing, revamping, or the tweaks the law has undergone which add up to approximately 54 since the law has passed. With many developed and developing countries possessing a universal health care system for many years prior to the creation of the…show more content…
This equates to ruffle 16.6% of the total U.S. population of 305 million in 2008. This figure has decreased significantly since the inception of the law which predicted that the law will help 32 million people. They revised this figure to 26 million people after many states changed the requirements for Medicaid. In 2014 10 million people have signed up for health insurance through the different methods offered via the Affordable Care Act. This has assisted in reducing the amount of uninsured from approximately 42 million in 2013 to 32 million. This may seem as great strides to some, however, in my eyes I believe that this is not the best performance. The reason for my stances is due to the United States’ position as the leading economy in the world compared to all other nations whether developing or developed. Other developed nations such as those of Germany where 92% of the population is covered by a health insurance system that was created in 1883 and is now subsidized partially by the government based on income, or France where almost 100% of the population is covered by health insurance largely subsidized by the French government. Based on the amount of citizens covered by the Affordable Care Act I say the leading economy can improve greatly. We next ask the question that arises throughout the articles that I have read is whether the Affordable Care Act has assisted with the reduction of health insurance costs.
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