Affordable Care Policy

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Rules and policies constantly change over time with all types of industries, companies, and organizations. The results of these changes can affect a drastic number of outcomes or solutions to current issues within those businesses. One type of profession in particular, occupational therapy, is also included in these categories. The impact of not just current policy issues, but the social, economic, political, geographic, and demographic factors can all play a role in occupational therapy. The following paper discusses how the Affordable Care Act is positively affecting clients who are involved with occupational therapy.
The ACA was recently put into play in 2010, the broad overview of this act was to make changes and add rules to healthcare exchange, requirements for health
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However, the problem is the number of Americans who still do not get these benefits because they have no health insurance. The solution for occupational therapists, is advocating. Advocating that not only is health insurance beneficial in all areas of life, but what happens when 30 years down the road and you have a stroke and you need services to teach you to eat again. Advocating for Americans from all areas to consider the benefits of the Affordable Care Act can help increase the need for occupational therapist, which in return opens up greater opportunities for patients seeking service.
The impact that policies have on occupational therapy does not stop at the Affordable Care Act, there are many other policies that can have the same positive affect on patients everywhere. The problem does not lie within the policy in this particular situation, the problem lies in the people who have not taken advantage of the Affordable Care Act and have enlisted for health coverage. By enlisting in this coverage, people have access to vast amounts of services, that can help them tremendously in
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