Affordable Child Care : A Long Term Investment

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Isys Seward
Mr. Campolmi
AP Lang
January 6, 2017
Affordable Child Care Early childcare education and afterschool services is a long-term investment. Between bills, saving for college, and high healthcare costs, childcare cost one of those things that turns out to be very expensive but also a necessity. Parents of children in grades K-8 should be able to, afford childcare costs without government assistance and without going into debt themselves. But being able to afford childcare is only half the battle. Just because a parent or a guardian can afford childcare doesn’t mean its quality childcare. Parents must be able trust the caregiver in hopes that they are leaving their children in a safe environment and that their money is being
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Studies have shown that people who pay less for childcare, most likely don’t get good service for the sole purpose that “you get what you paid for”. Another problem with the expensive pricing of child care are the number of women -sometimes men- who drop out the workforce to be able to care for their children when they cannot afford the pricy childcare prices. Cathy Reisenwitz, a former Reasoner and D.C.-based writer, has made known that, “Daycare for an infant is now more expensive than the average cost of in-state tuition and fees at public colleges in 31 states, according to a recent report. Childcare in the U.S. sets a family back $15,000 a year per infant on average.” (Reisenwitz 1) With these growing problems of childcare being as expensive as tuition fees at public colleges, families now must find new methods to be able to get childcare but at a lower affordable cost. One of the ways families work around complication is that they hire people with no certification and no legal based training to take care of their children for the sake of a lower cost. “Parent and guardians are illegally employing undocumented domestic workers to obtain good-quality childcare at below-market prices.” (Reisenwitz 1) The problems that can arise dealing with these childcare “loopholes” is the fact that it’s illegal to have a childcare in your home without proper healthcare regulations, background checks, drug tests, and appropriate age. North
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