Affordable Health Care Act in the United States

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According to , in America healthcare is one of the most talked about and economically challenged problems facing the U.S. today. Health care should be reduced to a reasonable price that which everyone can afford, but people disagree due to laws against it. In the year of 2010, President Barack Obama passed the affordable Healthcare Act which puts the people back in charge of their health care. For the past two years, the topic of health care has been in and out of the spotlight. According to, fifty-six percent of Americans are against the health care reform law while forty-four percent favor it, Americans are turning the tables on President Obama’s health care reform; this means that republicans are convincing the people to reject the President's proposal even when they agree with what is in it. Although there are some Americans who disagree, those who agree just say pass the law. It seems like the people are not the only ones worried about what the new healthcare law will change in their medical assistance. Yes, there are pros and cons to having such a law being passed. According to, sixty percent of more than five thousand doctors surveyed said the Obama healthcare law would have a negative impact on patient care, while only twenty-two percent thought it would be positive.…
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