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Affordable Health Care DeVry University, HS 541 11/25/2001 Deirdre Williams Professor J. Dennis I have chosen to talk about affordable health care as my issues. Lately the cost of health care has gotten extremely expensive. Years ago it was no problem with health care. Now of days, you have sometimes taken a physical which will decide whether are not you will be insured by a healthcare company. The cost of healthcare is not only expensive for adults but also really expensive for your kids. Let’s take a look back to about maybe 7 to 10 years ago. I remember when choosing healthcare coverage basically was deciding which premium you wanted to pay and deciding between a PPO and HMO, but now you have so many different choices that it…show more content…
I know hospitals are working to try to implement programs that will help keep cost down. Hospitals are working to focus on wellness, better manage chronic disease, speed adoption of information technology, improve how care is delivered to each patient, increase transparency of hospital quality and better understand and reduce variation in care. With the wellness programs helps people learn how to take care of themselves by demonstrating how eat better and how to increase the amount of exercise in their daily routine. I personally know that sense I have learned how to eat better and what exercise I can do what to help me live a healthier life. As far as, helping to better manage the chronic diseases hospitals are more involved in research to better understand on how to manage the care and they are working towards what are some possible treatments to help people cope a little better. Hospitals also trying keep up with new technology that will to better treat their patients. With the new technology they are able to detect possible problems before the problems get a chance to really do damage. Some of the new technology also allows doctors know what type of medicines that patients have had prior to the current situations. I have noticed that the hospitals are taking a bigger interest in training the staff to better care for the patients. They are offering more training on giving care; they are also teaching

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