Affordable Health Care : Provide And Protect

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Affordable Health Care: Provide and Protect! As Americans, do we not have the right to provide and protect our families? The Declaration of Independence guarantees us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In order to secure these American rights, our families need to be healthy, but unfortunately many Americans had not had the ability to obtain or pay the costs of health care insurance. Finally, in 2010, the largest overhaul of the health care system since Medicare began with legislation for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA), also known as Affordable Care Act(ACA) or commonly identified as Obama Care. This legislation supports American families that had never participated in a health care program or…show more content…
Mercifully, access to health insurance has undergone much-needed revision since the implementation of the ACA, eliminating the lack of access for families to secure a quality health care package. Without a doubt, the citizen’s most affected by these changes presented by this legislation are of low-income households. These families may newly qualify for free or subsidized health insurance through the Health Insurance Exchange (Thompson). Expansions provided to Medicaid through Obama Care has unblocked access to free services including but not limited to, wellness programs and preventative care. Health care policies must also include access to outpatient services, chronic care, emergency services and many more services (Miller). Therefore, providing families with the greatest need access to care for the first time while offering access to preventive care to keep our families healthy.
When we speak of health care, we must also talk about affordability. Having a medical plan is only the beginning step in the process. Having the ability to pay premiums is a necessity, families should not have to choose between eating and health insurance. Provisions specified in the ACA provide families below the poverty level the capacity to receive medical insurance at no cost as well as, families that earn above the poverty level and meet certain income criteria will be awarded tax credits through the government
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