Affordable Healthcare Act Of The United States

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Abstract On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare bill into law. There has been much controversy over this Affordable Healthcare Act before and since it was signed into law. It was estimated that 30 million people would sign up for the new healthcare and that the healthcare industry would need a bigger workforce. Within hospitals across the United States there is already a shortage of nursing and medical staff. What will this new law mean for hospitals in their declining health care professionals? In what other ways will this healthcare law impact hospitals across the United States? This paper will attempt to explore some of the realities and possibilities in greater depth. Affordable Healthcare Acts Impact on Hospitals The Affordable Healthcare Act is expected to increase medical coverage to include an additional 30 million people. What has become clearer is that just because coverage was expanded does not mean an expansion of actual care. “When Congress enacted the national health law, it unleashed a potential tsunami of newly insured patients, flooding a delivery system that was already strained and fragile. The American health care infrastructure has had workforce shortages for decades and is not prepared to meet such a vast influx of patients effectively or efficiently” (Anderson, 2014). It takes years to train nurse and doctors of which the healthcare act does not take into consideration. What ends up happening is
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